Logan Pierce,Vera King - Postcard Secrets Confessions Of A Teacher
Postcard Secrets Confessions Of A Teacher
Teacher Vera King has the hots for one of her students' fathers. Rather than making a move right at the outset, Vera hatches a plan. She knows that it's wrong, but she begins failing the student so that her dad will ...
Kit Mercer,Vera King - My Two Step Moms
My Two Step Moms
Kit Mercer arrives to visit her longtime friend, Vera King. Vera's and Kit have both known Juan Loco, Vera's stepson, since he was a little baby. Kit is like an aunt to Vera, although Juan sees Kit as a hot woman tha ...
Vera King - All You Need Is Mom
All You Need Is Mom
Brad Sterling has the hots for a girl he's been seeing with and his stepmom, Vera King, walks in on him jacking off to the messages. Vera doesn't like it when Br ...
Vera King - Mommy Issues
Mommy Issues
Tony is totally into his stepmom, Lexi Foxy. He spies on her any time he can, whether that's in the shower or while she's changing. Since he's already spying, he ...
Jessie Saint,Vera King - Kiss And Make Up For Mothers Day
Kiss And Make Up For Mothers Day
Juan Loco and his adopted sister, Jessie Saint, have had a thing going on. Unfortunately for Juan, Jessie decides mid stiffie ride that they shouldn't be doing t ...
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