Logan Pierce,Vera King - Postcard Secrets Confessions Of A Teacher
Postcard Secrets Confessions Of A Teacher
Teacher Vera King has the hots for one of her students' fathers. Rather than making a move right at the outset, Vera hatches a plan. She knows that it's wrong, but she begins failing the student so that her dad will ...
Kit Mercer,Vera King - My Two Step Moms
My Two Step Moms
Kit Mercer arrives to visit her longtime friend, Vera King. Vera's and Kit have both known Juan Loco, Vera's stepson, since he was a little baby. Kit is like an aunt to Vera, although Juan sees Kit as a hot woman tha ...
Vera King - All You Need Is Mom
All You Need Is Mom
Brad Sterling has the hots for a girl he's been seeing with and his stepmom, Vera King, walks in on him jacking off to the messages. Vera doesn't like it when Br ...
Vera King,Winter Jade - Mom And The Maid
Mom And The Maid
Jake Adams bot loves and hates his new stepmom, Vera King. She is rude to him, but she dresses and acts in a semi-provocative way towards him. Things get worse w ...
Jessie Saint,Vera King - Kiss And Make Up For Mothers Day
Kiss And Make Up For Mothers Day
Juan Loco and his adopted sister, Jessie Saint, have had a thing going on. Unfortunately for Juan, Jessie decides mid stiffie ride that they shouldn't be doing t ...
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